March/April  2008 



prod-2-T02Tummy Tuck Jeans:
Imperfect Figure, Perfect Fit
by Lila Cook

“And so now “real” women with real figure issues can choose jeans that fit well and look good.”

The skinny on these jeans is that they flatten the tummy, lift the butt—and allow you to wear one size smaller. For me, it was two out of three and when it comes to jeans, that ain’t bad. Though I couldn’t go a size smaller, Tummy Tuck did flatten my tummy and flatter my butt. Jeans—and pants in general--have been a difficult fit for me because I do have a tummy and therefore my waist is not in proportion to my hips. The result: jeans that fit my waist are baggy in the hips and legs and jeans that fit my hips won’t close at the waist.

I am reasonably fit and do a moderate amount of exercise. But it would take a lot more work than I’m willing to do in order to get the figure that looks great in any pair of jeans. I would rather have clothes that meet me halfway, so to speak. So I was eager to try the Tummy Tuck jeans, which have 4% spandex for stretch as well as a criss-cross panel across the tummy. I was thrilled when they fit comfortably in the waist and hugged my hips nicely. When I put on a pair of low heels, they even made my legs look longer. What else can you ask of a pair of jeans?

Tummy Tuck is the brainchild of Lisa Rudel-Sandel and her sister Leslie, who founded Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYD). The inspiration for the jeans? Ms. Rudel-Sandel’s difficulty in finding jeans that fit. And so now “real” women with real figure issues can choose jeans that fit well and look good. Tummy Tuck jeans start at about $98. A variety of styles can be found at Nordstrom (, where they are a top seller, and at other fine stores. For more information, visit

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