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icaridi-T11n June 2007 I was lucky enough to be interviewed by one of the owners of Weight Watchers. She asked me how to use makeup differently if someone loses or gains weight. I told her a womanís features wonít change but what surrounds it will, for example, her complexion, the muscles, and the skin. So here are a few makeup tips that may come in handy.

Weight Loss

When a person loses weight, itís an exciting time in his/her life. Here are some tips to help with changes that might occur.

1. When one loses weight, the face also gets thinner and the skin becomes loose - the face and neck may tend to sag. To counteract this effect, invest in a face and neck firming cream. You can find this at any department store and there are a vast variety of good products.

2. I asked my friend Karen Saunders, who is a celebrity entertainer on cruise ships, about her recent weight loss and she told me that less foundation is always best since this seems to emphasize the lines more. Instead play up your best features, whether itís your eyes, lips or cheeks.

3. Dark circles. When I lose weight it never fails Ė I get dark circles around the eyes. A good eye cream that addresses dark circles will help. Also a rich concealer will help to camouflage the darkness. Make sure that you choose the right color, not too pink and not too yellow. If your dark circles turn gray, thatís not the shade for you. You also may want to invest in a good eye compress that can be kept in the freezer. This works well on puffy eyes too.

4. Fading out. When youíre losing weight you may find that your complexion may lose color. To create some color, you can choose to apply a self tanner.

caridinick02My trick to this is using a foundation brush, which makes the application easier - just donít forget the ears. You may also opt to try a powder bronzer which comes in either pressed or loose forms, but my tip for this is to try it on in the store and then step outside in the natural light. You donít want to look too orangey.

5. When it comes to blush, just say cheese. When you lose weight all of your bone structure comes out, so no contouring is needed. Just apply blush on the apple of your cheeks.

6. When youíre losing weight gravity may kick in and pull all your features down. The makeup tip for this one is to apply everything heavily and darker on the upper side of your features. For example, brows should be arched higher; there should be more mascara on the upper lashes and more eyeliner on the top of eyelid. Use more lip liner on top of lip, too. Put a highlight on your eyelid with light eye shadow and use highlighter under the eyebrow and down the bridge of the nose.

7. If youíre losing weight, my advice is to go lighter on the lips. Youíre lips may not be as full as they once were and may even have some lines, so choose a lipstick or lip gloss that is on the lighter side.

Weight Gain

1. I can relate to this one. With weight gain, you have fewer wrinkles and more color in your skin. You can wear bright colors on your eyes and lips. You can even wear red lipstick. Go for it. Just donít add too much color on the cheeks.

2. Say no to cheese. Do not put blush on the apple of your cheek. This will make your face look fuller. Instead use the Three Technique. Start at the eyebrow and go around the cheeks and jaw line as if you were sweeping the number 3 on your face. This will help to define and contour your bone structure.

3. When your face is full, start using the contouring and highlighting method. Contouring is using a darker color applied on the sides of the nose to make it appear smaller and also to contour your cheeks to give the illusion of cheekbones. Highlighting is using a lighter color to bring out features such as the brow bones or top of the cheekbone.

Till next tip and time, remember that beauty starts from within. Happy and healthy 2008.

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