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When Im sitting on a plane and I strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to me, they almost always ask what I do. When they hear I work for a travel and spa magazine, they inevitably ask for travel advice. WSR decided to ask its own staff to finish the sentence, I never travel without my Here is what they said.

Lillian Africano, Editor-in-Chief
travel-5I never travel without a good supply of lip balm. My lips are normally dry and when Im on the road, the problem only gets worse. One of my favorites is Epicuren, which comes in both a small pot and a stick. Both are made with natural ingredients and no petroleum or Vaseline is used. The formula has an SPF of 15 and the active ingredients include tea tree oil, aloe extract, enzyme protein concentrate, cocoa butter and vitamins A and E.

The Epicuren lip balm costs more than the drug store brands--its generally priced at around $8but sometimes you get what you pay for. You can buy the lip balm at select many salons and spas and also online at and other sites that sell cosmetics. For more information on Epicuren products, visit:

travel-102Catherine Beattie, Contributing Editor
I never travel without my Casio digital camera in my purse. Its small and neat and has useful features like a large screen and zoom lens. The battery lasts for ages so unless Im on a really long trip, I travel light and leave the charger at home. It has transformed my travels and enables me to keep a pictorial record of all my trips. I take lots of images (discarding those I dont want to keep) and always ready for a good photo-opportunity!

Check out for more information.

travel-2Marilyn Green, Editorial Director
I never travel without my canvas backpack on wheels. I can pack enough for a week of varied activities and it fits easily in the overhead rack. I can lift the backpack off and pack it separately during the trip.

L.L.Bean makes a nice rolling pack thats a convenient size for a carry-on. Check out to learn more.

Joan Scobey, Contributing Editor
I never travel without my MedJetAssist card. If you're hospitalized more than 150 miles away from home, MedJetAssist will arrange for no-cost, no-questions-asked transportation back to your hometown hospital or, for travel-4that matter, any medical facility you want to get to. It's $225 a year ($350 for family membership), and you'll pay nothing for an on-demand emergency medical evacuation, which could otherwise cost tens of thousands of dollars. There are no preexisting medical conditions that exclude you from MedJetAssist membership either. One friend of mine with a shattered leg was flown out of the Peruvian Andes by their private jet to a NY hospital, another from London after an appendectomy. There are other medical evacuation programs but none comes close to MedJetAssist. I wouldn't leave home without it.

The MedJetAssist web site can be found at

travel-3Jessica Skropanic, Managing Editor
I never travel without a hard-side cosmetic case. With the new laws requiring Americans to check baggage with toiletries, I immediately purchased two excellent hard-side cosmetic cases. I recommend the case from Samsonite's Silhouette line. It is durable, stylish and has a ten-year WARRANTY. I still put my leak-ables in plastic bags inside the case, but they have always come back to me safe and without any mess.

Check out to see the complete Silhouette line.




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