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prod-2-104Sweet Sunning:
Two New Products from Burtís Bees

by Jessica Skropanic

prod-2-204Just in time for summer! Burtís Bees introduces two great new summer must-haves; their Chemical-Free Sunscreen (SPF 15) and their Aloe and Linden Flower After Sun Soother. For those of us who constantly break out with the slightest drop of sunscreen on our skin, or are terrified to wear sunscreen because of all of the warnings about how toxic the ingredients are for the body, Burtís Bees has a solution.

According to the company, Burtís Bees Chemical-Free Sunscreen forms a translucent broad spectrum barrier with an SPF of 15 on top of the skin to reflect the sunís rays naturally. It provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and helps keep skin hydrated without using sunscreen chemicals such as Octinoxate and Oxybenzone that may be harmful and absorbed into the skin. It contains titanium dioxide minerals to reflect the sunís rays, hempseed oil, wheatgrass extract, calendula (a natural anti-inflammatory agent) and golden seal. It works immediately after liberal application to exposed areas. It is also considered safe for a childís skin.

For after-sun exposure, Burtís Bees Aloe and Linden Flower After Sun Soother is described as soothing, calming and comforting skin. The lotion absorbs quickly, drenches skin in healing aloe, Linden Extract and nourishing Coconut Oil, hydrating skin.

If anyone knows summer sun, I do. I live in what is commonly known as the frying pan of California: Sacramento is the handle and I live in the pan. The sun is very bright, and temperatures of 110 degrees in the shade are common throughout the summer months. The air is dry and skin needs constant hydration and sun protection.

First I tried the Chemical-Free Sunscreen, applying the smooth cream to my arms and hands, neck and shoulders. It felt very pleasant, soothing Ė and what I couldnít get over Ė it smelled wonderful! Iíve never liked the scent of any sunscreen before. It felt more like a moisturizing, nourishing cream than a sunscreen! Best of all, it didnít burn or irritate my skin like every other sunscreen does. The backs of my arms often turned a bit red under the heavy chemicals of sunscreens, but now there wasnít even a tingle! Then came the real test; my face.

The skin on my face is truly the pickiest Ďpersoní I know. I have never had a neutral reaction to sunscreen, let along a positive one: It always causes a sensitive redness and Ďburnsí on the more delicate areas on my cheeks and chin. Frankly I gave up and decided to protect my pale Norwegian skin with a big hat, but even with a hat Iíd notice the sun sneaking on to my face periodically.

I used the Chemical-Free Sunscreen on my neck first, and then on my entire face. I felt like I was getting a deep moisturizing facial! No burn and no redness. I canít believe it! Iím never traveling without this stuff again.

I thought, if the sunscreen feels that good, what will the Aloe and Linden Flower After Sun Soother feel like?

The instructions on the tube say to apply generously to face and body after sun exposure. I complied, now feeling like my face was safe with these products. This is definitely a lotion and not as thick as the creamy sunscreen, which makes sense when considering the purpose of each. It went on smoothly and a little went a long way. Best of all, it felt like a light, pleasant moisturizer, not a heavy medical solution. A little did a lot for me, and it absorbed quickly, leaving my skin hydrated, but not greasy. My skin felt great! It could breathe easily with the product on it.

This product is not as heavily scented as the sunscreen, but the scent is definitely there; light and of citrus Ė very nice! Even my husband commented on how nice my hands smelled Ė before he kissed them. He, hee!

A 3.46-ounce tube of Burtís Bees Chemical-Free Sunscreen retails for $15.00. The 6-ounce tube of Aloe and Linden Flower After Sun Soother retails for $10.00.

Visit Burtís Bees to learn more or to order products at their web site:

Burtís Bees is included in PETAís list of animal-friendly, cruelty-free companies. Visit PETAís ĎCaring Consumerí page to find the list.

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