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She Comes in Colors Everywhere! Alima Cosmetics
by Jessica Skropanic

“Mineral-based make-up is almost entirely free of allergens, is naturally anti-bacterial, and won’t clog pores ...”

Summer is coming, and for me that always means lighter make-up, brighter colors, and hopefully a healthy sunny glow. Enter Alima.

Alima cosmetics are mineral-based, meaning that they are formulated with powdered premium cosmetic-grade minerals and pigments. And what pigments! Their array of colors rival Monet’s palette. (They have a page at their web site to help people choose the right colors for their complexions.

According to Alima, mica creates the soft glow to the skin, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide sun protection and contain anti-inflammatory properties, and iron oxides add the wide range of colors. Mineral-based make-up is almost entirely free of allergens, is naturally anti-bacterial, and won’t clog pores, according to the company. You can mix the colors to create your own shade. And to answer the question of how long is the products shelf life, Alima reminds us that “rocks don’t go bad.” Keep them dry and the jars closed, and they last indefinitely.

I sampled the Luminous Shimmer, Pearluster, and Satin Matte eye shadows (8.50 each), the Satin Matte eyeliner ($9.50 each), the Satin Matte foundation ($18.95), the Illuminating Shimmer Powder ($14.00), and the Satin Matte blush ($14.00). Samples can also be obtained from the company for about $1.00 - $2.00.

My skin is notoriously fussy – it turns reddish if I so much as lean on my chin on my hand too long. Most make-up feels heavy to me. The Alima cosmetics applied very smoothly, and very little is needed to get the full effect. The foundation smoothed out my skin and gave it a healthy glow, but it looked like my skin, not make-up on skin. The blush wasn’t streaky. It blended beautifully with my skin tone, warming it and looking natural, and none of the products clogged my pores.

Eye shadows and liners are always the greatest test of a product for me. Will they feel heavy on the delicate skin of the eye? Will they cause irritation to the eye itself? The products were feather-light, and after a few seconds felt like no product at all! My skin could breathe perfectly right through them.

Lastly I applied the illuminating Shimmer Powder. I looked like I had been living in a cool humid climate all my life. My 40-year old skin looked 25-years old – granted with a couple of crow’s feet. The end result was not that the make-up looked good on me; it was that I looked pretty! It lasted all day, but came off easily with a gentle cleanser.

Now I started playing with the dazzling array of colors. First I went gold, then gold and green, then blue-gray and silver, etc. Every color ‘melted’ with the natural color of my skin and made it look healthy, never ‘made-up’.

A couple of tips: First, make sure your moisturizer is completely absorbed or the powder will stick to it. Second, the colors are vibrant, so just a little goes a long way.

Check out or contact
Alima Cosmetics, Inc.
P.O. Box 22624
Portland, OR 97269
Tel: 503-236-8887
to learn more and to see the product line. You can also purchase Alima products from the site.

Alima is included in PETA’s list of animal-friendly, cruelty-free companies. Visit PETA’s ‘Caring Consumer’ page to find the list.

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