May/June 2007  




Editorial Director:

Marilyn Green

Lillian Africano

Senior Editor:
NIna Africano

Contributing Editors:
Joan Scobey
Catherine Beattie

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Daniel Aubry
Arthur S. Africano

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Jessica Skropanic

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Zeljko Skropanic


For the second consecutive time Worldwide Spa Review has received the Visit Britain Travel Journalism Award for best online editorial, earned by Joan Scobey's article “Jane Austen’s Bath Returns in a New Incarnation” story. The piece has focused on the newly opened Thermae Bath Spa and the city’s rich tradition for allowing pilgrims to immerse themselves in the healing natural spring waters of the Roman Baths.

The Editors

Marilyn Green, Editorial Director and
Lillian Africano, Editor-in-Chief

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