May/June 2006  




by Jessica Skropanic

My hair has traditionally displayed expensive taste since the age of sixteen when it went from straight to curly. Changes in hormones at this time of life, just like menopause, can cause changes in the texture, degree of curl, and color of your hair. I was suddenly faced with the task of caring for hair that seemed to tangle or turn frizzy on a dime. More than twenty years later my sensitive scalp decided to be equally contrary, demanding certain gentle shampoos and conditioners that often didn’t agree with the demands of my hair. After trying more conditioning treatments than I’d care to admit, I found one that managed my hair but cost a mint and was really intended for weekly super-treatments. Enter Zerran.

Zerran Hair Care of Pacoima, California has released Zerran Equalizer: Leave-In or Rinse-Out Conditioner and Detangler. It is an excellent product for daily use in taming my wild frizz and made detangling a snap. The company also explains that Equalizer helps protect hair from environmental hazards such as UV rays and heat, works regardless of hair type (curly, strait, etc.), and is safe for permed and color-treated hair.

Many of its ingredients sound like they came from my spice rack: fennel, orange peel, and licorice extracts. The scent is light but very pleasant as one might guess from the list of ingredients.

The first time I tried it was a few days before leaving on a coast-to-coast flight, so I knew it would be a real test. As with all new products, I tested a tiny drop on the backs of my hands first. It didn’t feel sticky or oily, and it went on smoothly and seemed to penetrate quickly. My skin didn’t feel like it was soaking in heavy product, which is typical of a deep conditioner. After the ten-minute hand test was finished and Equalizer had passed, I jumped in the shower, used my regular shampoo, and worked in the product. It rinsed out quickly and left my wet hair feeling clean, not heavy or weighed-down.

After a towel-dry, I tried using my comb. It is at this stage that the wrong conditioner usually rears its ugly head, with breakage and tangles, or worse – with slick residue. Equalizer was excellent at removing tangles, as the comb easily slid through my shoulder-length hair on the first stroke.

After my hair dried (one hour, regardless of length), I went in to check the look and ‘level of wave’. My curls looked fine and were not tangled or weighed down. There was a nice sheen to my hair and frizz levels were low. I was pleased.

Two days later, after using the product each day and finding the first day’s results consistent, I gave it the ‘airplane treatment.’ Dry air, changes in water, etc. do a number on my hair. I decided to try the leave-in application. My hair didn’t go limp and stayed quite healthy all the way from California to New York. I used the product every day during my week-long stay, and found it helped battle the problems often caused by changes in water, diet and pollution.

If the flight to your destination doesn’t catch up with you, the flight home will usually succeed. Equalizer proved itself consistent when I returned home and found my hair was still quite healthy. I’m officially impressed!

Retail prices include a 2-ounze travel size for $3.20, an 8-ounze bottle for $9.99, a 16-ounze bottle for $15.00, a one-liter (33.8 oz.) for $25.00, and – the huge economy size I love best – the one-gallon bottle for $70.00.

Zerran Equalizer and other Zerran products are available in beauty supply stores and salons (including Piny’s in Beverly Hills and Jonathan Antin’s salon in West Hollywood), and at You can also call to order at (800) 626-1921.

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