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prod-2-202prod-2-102SUMMER SOLES
by Lillian Africano

Summer means strappy shoes and sandals worn sock-less. But on those very hot days it can also mean sweaty slippery feet, especially as the inner soles of most shoes are made of leather, plastic, or a synthetic—none of which is made to absorb moisture.

I’ve just discovered a simple and inexpensive solution in Summer Soles, which are peel-and-stick fabric insoles designed for use in sandals and other open shoes. They come in two varieties; the Ultra-Absorbent (made of 70% wool and 30% rayon) or the Softness of Suede (100% polyester microfiber). There is also a choice of colors: black, chocolate brown, camel, beige, white, gray, or red.

The women’s versions of Summer Soles are made to fit sizes 5 to 11, and the men’s can accommodate up to a size 12. I found it quite simple to trim mine to fit my sandals and to press them firmly in place. They felt much nicer to the foot than the shoe’s own insoles, which were made of some type of synthetic. They also gave a good deal more traction than the synthetic insole, which tended to get slippery from perspiration on a hot day.

Summer Soles are priced at $7.95 per pair for the women’s model and $8.95 for the men’s (discounts on multiple-pack orders). They’re sold exclusively online at

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