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The people behind the True line of skin care and makeup – Dierdre Burke, Michelle Balmer, Celeste Winters and Alphonse Wiebeet – describe themselves as "…sensation-seeking, self-taught individuals that scaled the beauty industry ladders before leaping together." Certainly that seems to be accurate as all four accumulated great reservoirs of experience (not to mention great credentials) before launching True.

In an industry that is rich in fine products, True's competitive edge was created primarily with the introduction of Idebenone, a super-oxidant that delivers a high level of ESP (Environmental Protection Factor), along with excellent anti-aging benefits. Idebenone, with an ESP of 95, unlike many other anti-aging elements, is gentle and works without irritating even the most sensitive skin. Many other known anti-oxidants, such s Vitamin C, retinol and alpha hydroxy acids, can redden or inflame the skin, making it more susceptible to sun damage. Tests have shown that Idebenone behaves like Coenzyme Q10 and the de-pigmenting agent Hydroquinone, but is more efficient and does its work without sensitizing the skin.

prod-1-203These skin care products are sold in seven collections, including Purifying, Comforting, Balancing, Restoring, Harmonizing and Essential, with each collection addressing specific skin care needs. This means a customized approach to that is responsive to changes in the skin; all carry the True anti-oxidants, such as green tea, white tea and DL Alpha Tocopherol, but have different core aromas and different functions. In the Essential Collection, for example, the core aroma is chamomile, which is said to soothe and strengthen most skin types and calm the mind. The products in the various collections range in price from $12 to $90.

prod-1-302As I was most interested in True's anti-aging performance, I tried two products. The first was the Youth Revealing Complex ($90), which is powered by Idebenone and rich in ceramides and skin lipids. I found it applied smoothly and is quickly absorbed, so there is no tacky residue that might interfere with makeup or moisturizers. I applied the product once a day (as I was also testing the second product), though the directions say it can be used twice, in the morning and in the evening. After a few weeks, it did deliver on its promise of smoother skin and diminished fine lines.

The other product, the Radiance Revealing Complex ($90), was created to even out and clarify the complexion. It combines Idebenone with the lightening agent Methyl Gentisate to do its work. As I've always had freckles, I alternated this product with the Youth Revealing Complex, using the Radiance Revealing Complex at night. Again, after a few weeks, this product made for a brighter complexion and showed improvement in evening out my skin tone. As promised, both products did their work without causing the slightest irritation or redness of the sort I've occasionally experienced with other anti-aging/anti-oxidant lotions and creams.

I didn't try the mineral makeups as I rarely wear makeup, but this line is also enhanced with Idebenone so it is not only kind to the skin, but also carries anti-stress benefits. The makeup line is comprehensive and includes cleansers and toners as well as a line of True tools such as brushes, sponges and a lash curler.

True skin care and makeup can be found at fine spas and salon/spas. For more information, visit:

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