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Hot stone massage is especially ideal for anyone who experiences aching muscles regularly.

very mom and dad deserves a day off and a little pampering! Some parents are difficult to buy for; so what do you get the parent who has everything? How about popping a gift certificate from your local day spa into that Motherís or Fatherís Day card? Here are three treatments that are available at most day spas, and that will make the average mom and dad feel especially loved.

Facial with Face and Neck Massage

Yes, a classic facial Ė which usually includes analysis, cleansing, masque, moisturizing, and often a little massage Ė make you feel gorgeous and your skin healthy. Often spas offer specific menís facials and womenís facials. Couple it with a face and neck massage and Mom and Dad will be feeling fine as well as looking fine! Neck and shoulder massage relaxes the areas that usually carry a lot of stress, and a lot of weight. (The average adult human head weighs twelve pounds.) Gentle face massage helps prevent lines and wrinkles, increases blood flow and relaxes muscles, and helps with sinus problems and allergies. It also feels WONDERFUL!

Hand and Foot Reflexology Massage

Reflexology is based on the ancient practices of healing that examines reflexes Ė especially in the hands and feet Ė that correspond to every part of the body; glands, organs, etc. The reflexologist places pressure on these reflex points and massages them, giving special attention to those indicating imbalances and toxins. Reflexology massage can help remove these blockages. Results can include detoxification and improved circulation throughout the body, identification of an assortment of physical problems and possibly help for the body in treating these problems. If the reflexologist is experienced, he/she will often be able to identify the residual effects of old injuries, locations of new ones, and stress points.

Hot Stone Full Body Massage

Hot stone massage is especially ideal for anyone who experiences aching muscles regularly. This massage technique uses smooth heated rocks that pump relaxing warmth into the body. The stones are usually made of a black volcanic rock called basalt, or of marble, both of which hold their temperature for a long time. The client usually lays face down on the massage table. The massage therapist usually starts with a bit of Swedish massage to relax and warm up the muscles. They then lay the warm stones on the clientís body and/or massage the client with the stones, usually in long slow (Swedish massage) strokes. In some spas, the client lays on a thick padding of towels that cover the hot stones while the massage therapist delivers a soothing Swedish massage.

The result for me, and for everyone to whom Iíve spoken whoís had hot stone therapy, is the ultimate in relaxation! My poor little heating pad canít begin to compete.

Variation: If Mom and Dad have swollen muscles, they can usually request cold rocks on these spots.




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