May/June 2006  




caridinick02It's time to Spring into Summer and there is a lot of new looks this year. What's new this season is all about color and brightness. What's hot this season is wet and sexy lips.
Think tropical.

c1For lips think mangoes, oranges, papayas and lemons. Think juicy fruit colors like corals and pinks. To make it juicy use clear high shine lip gloss over lipstick, only put gloss on bottom lip. Don't worry; in a couple of minutes it will be on the top too.

c2Don't forget to match your blush with your lipstick. Think about the bright fruity colors (pinks and corals) once again. Make sure you powder first so blush doesn't stick or look blotchy, and put on the apple of the cheek (about two fingers from the middle of the eye and two fingers from your nose). This lip and blush combination looks great with a tan and brightens up your eyes and teeth.

c3It's time to kick off your shoes and get pedicures and manicures, and for nail color think sunset colors. Colors that you might find looking at a sunset purples, orangey reds, pink corals, or a French manicure, always look great for summer.

c4Go easy on liquid make-up or foundation. Use a tinted moisturizer, or just mix a drop of your foundation with your moisturizer, and apply with a foundation brush. Or you might opt for just a little powder all over to even out your complexion.

c5Self tan your face. Use a nylon brush or a foundation brush. Apply an hour before bedtime. If your skin is dry, apply a moisturizer over self tanner but wait to let the self tanner dry. Don't forget your ears. A gentle exfoliant is suggested before self tanning. Three nights in a row is suggested for self tanning, and then once a week to maintain color.

c6Two eye looks are hot this summer. One is dramatic smoky eyes using tropical colors like mango, purple, lemon and green. The other look is bright and light shadow for eyes. Both looks use a black or brown waterproof mascara that stays on when it's hot, and both looks use a lot of dark eye liner (waterproof).

c7For dramatic smoky tropical eyes, first line your eye all the way around with eye liner. (Use black or brown waterproof mascara.) Pat two colors that are a lot alike, such as a light green and a dark green, half and half on your eye lid. Then take a blush brush one half inch over the whole eye area; this will blend the two colors on the lid and smoke up the rest of the eye area. Use plenty of mascara.

For bright and light eyes, apply a lot of eye liner around the whole eye. For this look use some concealer first that lightens the eye area and acts as a good shadow base. Choose two or three colors like lemon, green, teal, baby blue, or silver, and pat on eyelid. Take a blush brush and dip it in a light color or powder and dust over the inner eye area, blending all colors on the lid. Use plenty of mascara.

c8When wearing perfume, think light. Body heat activates a stronger potency of your fragrance and is not favorable when it's hot out. Tropical scents like coconut, passion fruit, vanilla, cocoa butter, or clean scents like summer breeze or ocean scents are great to wear during the summer. You might want to skip perfume altogether and opt for a lotion or cream.

c9If you have color treated hair you might want to invest in a good sun protector specifically made for hair. This will prolong the color and prevent damage.

c10Invest in a big brush with a short handle. This is a great tool for loose or pressed bronzing powder, and gold or shimmery powder. This will give you that healthy sun-kissed look. Dust on your face or body.

So, have some fun in the sun and may the BEACH BE WITH YOU!!

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