November/December  2005 




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Marilyn Green

Lillian Africano

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NIna Africano

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Joan Scobey
Catherine Beattie

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We at Worldwide Spa Review have never gotten over our childhood feeling that this is the most wonderful part of the year: the holidays. There must surely be something special about this period since so many cultures and religions have important celebrations during November and December, a kind of peak at the end of the year.

With all the magnificence of the season, the parties, the reunion of family and friends, the deeply felt celebration of the spirit, it is more important than ever to take islands of time for quiet relaxation and reflection, moments to savor what we are celebrating and those with whom we rejoice.

In Native American tradition the wealth of an individual was measured by the amount he or she could give to the tribe. May the richness of the season be reflected in what we all give of love, of service, of experiences and beautiful tokens of our caring during these holidays, and may our genuine feeling never be buried in the pace and tasks of the season.

The Editors

Marilyn Green, Editorial Director and
Lillian Africano, Editor-in-Chief

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