November/Decemberr 2004  



From the Editors’ Desk

The holidays make up a time of deep emotion - at their best, they bring renewal of faith, family and community, a look at the passing year and the one ahead, growth and change. All this is so easily buried in the activities surrounding them, though, that this can be a time of exhaustion and short tempers, of sorrow when life doesn't match the ideal.

We would like to wish everyone a season of real joy and delight, when doing things together replaces excessive giving, when islands of quiet alone and with others gives relaxation during the glitter and excitement. Whatever your spiritual orientation, our hope for you is a season of light and gratitude, when hope is renewed and resolution firmed.

And to the staff at the spas who provide so much pleasure and healing, we urge that you will care for each other, so the giver completes the cycle with receiving and replenishing. We are all very grateful that you are there to enhance our lives and give us time to see our paths more clearly.




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